Con Highlights

In addition to scores of individual game events of all types, FlatCon features a number of extra special events every year! From Lego Man O War to the Charity Raffle to the annual Circus Maximus race, here are some extra highlights of FlatCon you should check out!

The Annual Costume Contest

We had an even bigger turnout for our third annual costume contest last year and we are excited to have it back!

The 2016 Contest Winner! Woman dressed as a Steampunk Ship Captain with brown and black leather corset, black top hat with goggles, black chiffon skirt and hose and boots.

Adults and kids can all enter and do individual or group cosplay!

Wear your costume on Saturday of FlatCon, get your picture taken, and wait for FlatCon’s attendees to vote on the winner that evening. (Votes are submitted using our Charity Raffle tickets so the Costume Contest is, also, “Scoring A Crit On Cancer!”)

Prizes for the 2017 contest are being determined right now but you can take a look at the contest rules and the great costumes from past years on the Costume Contest Page!

Pick your favorite characters from TV, movies, comics, literature or games and work on those epic costumes!

Pathfinder Society Games

Pathfinder Society games in progress at FlatCon 2014

Every year, our friends at the Pathfinder Society run dozens of PFS sanctioned events for Pathfinder organized play. Much of FlatCon’s steady growth is due to the hordes of dedicated PFS GMs and players who spend three days with us every year!

Moving into our bigger West Expo digs, FlatCon will be expanding the PFS area this year!

If you are a PFS veteran or want to get into it, check out the PFS when they are posted on the schedule, sign up, and enjoy some high adventure!

Charity Raffle

2010 raffle drawingThe FlatCon Charity Raffle returns and gives attendees a chance to win some cool gaming swag and help FlaltCon fight cancer via our support of Relay For Life.

Attendees can purchase raffle tickets which can be used on various game lots for chances to win each lot: the more tickets in a lot, the greater your chances to win it!

Some games in the raffle and bid buckets with ticketsThroughout the 12 months leading up to each year’s FlatCon, we seek out game donations for the raffle as well as good deals on items we think are “off the beaten gamer path.” In 2016, we had games from publishers both large and small, several great finds from recent Kickstarter campaigns, some unique RPGs from the Independent Game Developer Network, and a large donation of tokens from True Dungeon! If you are an author, game developer, artist or merchant with items you would like to donate, drop us a line at

The raffle winners will be announced on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and you must be present to win.

Over The Top Contest

The Giant Risk game being played in 2006A FlatCon tradition, our Over The Top contest, is roaring into FlatCon 2017! OTT events at FlatCon are homemade game events that are extraordinary, outlandish, gorgeous and, most of all, ridiculous amounts of fun! Over The Top games are more than “games.” They’re full-blown events!

Players standing inside the legendary giant space station minis game. A single level hegaonal game about 12 feet across.Some Over The Top winners in the past included a giant Death Star, a RISK game on a giant global map, space combat on a space station model over 6 feet across, giant Star Wars battles on Hoth, and an epic Starship Troopers battle on a multilevel, homemade chunk of a red planet!

One of FlatCon’s “Father-Creators,” Aaron Isaac, has returned to head up the contest and we are very excited.

Contest details are on the Over The Top contest page and be thinking about your Over The Top game ideas!

Double Exposure Envoy Game Demos

Brad, an Envoy from Double Exposure, teaches Terraforming Mars

In 2015, FlatCon connected with the game demos put on by the Heralds of the Double Exposure Envoy program. The Envoy program connects experienced game masters and game teachers with conventions to demonstrate a multitude of games from various publishers, large and small. FlatCon has been delighted to host the Envoy Heralds and welcomes them back this year!

Just a few of the Double Exposure Envoy games this year include Brew Crafters, Coal Baron: the Great Card Game, Grifters, Karuba and The Networks.

Learning a new game is one of the great benefits of a game convention!

Aerodrome 1.1

Another FlatCon regular returns as Air Marshall Bob Connole brings his WWI aerial dogfight miniatures game back to FlatCon in Aerodrome 1.1!

Aerodrome game in progress at flatCon 2014Pick your nationality and plane and hop in the cockpit to do battle as one of the Allies or the Central Powers. This game is always packed on Saturday and Sunday and features historically accurate plane minis on telescoping bases and a dashboard control panel for each player.

Bob and his wife Mindy come down every year from the Chicago area, along with several friends, to run Aerodrome 1.1 for veteran and rookie pilots alike. Pilots can earn commendations, promotions and medals that carry over session to session, year to year! These medals provide in-game bonuses for your pilot! (If you’ve lost medals from previous years, Bob and Mindy can replace them for a nominal fee.)

A boy playing Aerodrome 1.1 in 2014

NOTE: Kids are welcome with adult/parent supervision. (Your humble FlatCon Webmaster’s son has been flying the unfriendly skies since he was 11.)

Aerodrome will be scheduled for four total sessions, two each on Saturday and Sunday:

  • 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Play To Win Games

In 2015, we debuted our Play to Win area where attendees can try out games for a chance to win them. The more games you play the better your chance to win! Last year, we gave away over a dozen games donated by a horde of publishers. Just stroll on up, grab a game, play it, then put your name on that game’s list of players! It’s that easy!

Play To Win runs the whole con until Sunday afternoon when the winners are drawn. (Must be present to win!) The final list of games is still being finalized for this year so stay tuned!

Friday Night Circus Maximus

A tradition almost as old as FlatCon itself, the Friday Night Circus Maximus event roars back into FlatCon! Circus Maximus track and chariots, game charts, and players

Tom Jaggard sets up his giant chariot race track with 16 sets of hand painted miniature chariots and horses. Race contestants will speed, crash, ram and, sometimes, drag their drivers to victory! To win you have to be the first to cross the finish line, but you do not necessarily need a working chariot! (Your driver does need to, you know, not die, though.)

Pre-register for this even because it WILL fill up!

Free Games Library

Attendees peruse the FlatCon Game LibraryFlatCon features a library of free games to check out and play during the entire con. Got an open slot with nothing scheduled? Want to try something new? We’ve got you covered.

The dozens of board and card games in the Library run the gamut from family/traditional to hardcore gamer fare.

Thanks to the many donations from companies, as well as the loan of the private collection of Brad Price of ARDezynes, our Library is here for you!

Mind’s Eye Society LARP Events

Mind's Eye Society LARP areaFor the past several years, FlatCon has been proud to host Live Action Role-Play (LARP) events produced by the Mind’s Eye Society. What is MES? From their website:

“Mind’s Eye Society is the largest and the longest running organization among the several authorized Camarilla fan clubs. Established initially in 1992 as The Camarilla, Mind’s Eye Society hosts Live Action Role Playing games set in White Wolf’s settings, both in the World of Darkness with Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse, as well as in the Chronicles of Darkness, such as Vampire: The Requiem and Changeling: The Lost. The Mind’s Eye Society runs a connected game network spanning the United States, with interactions involving other players in organizations around the world.”

Mind’s Eye Society runs events throughout FlatCon and loves to introduce LARPing to gamers new to it. Come check them out! (NOTE: most events are of a mature theme and players must be 18 or older.)