Latest Events Added!

You can view the full events schedule and pre-register for events on Warhorn, but here are some of the latest events added to the FlatCon 2017 schedule:

(Updated: August 5, 2017)

  • “Escape from Witch Mountain” (DCC RPG): The survivors of an ill-fated company sent to wipe out a witches coven find what could be an escape route…or is it?
  • “Hong Kong Zombies” (All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG): Zombies in Hong Kong are usually not popular. But, if you’re a zombie in Hong Kong wanted by the leader of the zombies…well, that’s worse than week old kung pao chicken on a hot sidewalk. At least, you’ve got some wicked Kung Fu skills now!
  • “The Castle” (7th Sea 2nd Ed. RPG): an adults only supernatural horror adventure set in the haunted Duster Castle in the northern part of the war-ravaged nation of Eisen.
  • Minds Eye Society LARPs: Our MES friends return with three LARP scenarios. Werewolf the Apocalypse, Changeling: the Lost, and Vampire: the Masquerade! Veteran and new players are welcome at these free events. Sign up early!
  • Double Exposure Envoy Board and Card games: Our Envoys return with a new slate of games to teach from a variety of publishers! Games include Brew Crafters, Coal Baron: the Great Card Game, Grifters, Karuba and The Networks.
  • Board Games: King of Tokyo, Tokaido, Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Shadows Over Camelot!
  • Circus Maximus: The annual Friday night chariot race returns on Tom Jaggard’s epic hippodrome with featuring 16 hand painted chariots with horses! Remember, the driver has to cross the finish line alive to win…chariot optional.
  • Return to Volturnus: Try the classic sci-fi RPG, Star Frontiers and investigate a mystery on some planetary colonies that have suddenly lost contact. Beginners are welcome in this scenario from Frank Salata!
  • Mansions of Madness, First Edition: the original edition with a real human trying to thwart the players. Well, we think the GM is human…
  • The Gin Genie: in this Savage Worlds RPG event has the players acting as U.S. Marshals on a “simple” prisoner transfer mission. What could go wrong? Beginners welcome!
  • Formula 1 Racing: Our annual Friday night race for the cup revs into gear again!
  • Aerodrome 1.1: Bob and Mindy Connole and their annual WWI aerial dog fight extravaganza return on Saturday and Sunday this year!

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