Welcome to the New FlatCon Site!

Hey, Friends of FlatCon! Welcome to our new site and our new blog! My name is Chris Kelly and I have been managing the web presence for FlatCon since 2005…I think. (The memory fades as you get older and the corners wear off of your gaming dice.)

It has always been our goal with the FlatCon site to make it easy for you to find just about everything you would want to know about our small, but mighty, gaming convention in Bloomington, IL. However, for the past 18 years or so, the FlatCon site has been coded in straight HTML by hand. It is a very labor intensive process to update menus, add news, and other regular changes that are needed as we put on the con. And, that slows the information flow to you all.

So, we are going to try a different approach. I’ve dubbed it FlatCon 4.0 because this is the fourth distinctive design for our site since 2000. This time, instead of hand coding HTML, we are trying out WordPress, one of the world’s most popular blogging platforms. Without delving too deeply into the nerdy details, WordPress allows us to make site-wide changes quickly, distribute the website administration workload by setting up user accounts, and take advantage of the literally thousands of plugins from the WordPress community to do everything from whip up forms and mailings to easily insert picture galleries and sliders. And, if we decide we do not like the colors or even the entire design, we just pick another of the zillions of WordPress themes, install it, activate it, and, boom, whole new website layout.

Another side benefit of using a blogging platform is you can have a, you know, blog. Along with our social network feeds, our blog will post news and happenings as we move towards FlatCon 2017, October 20-22. In addition, we thought it might be cool if we FlatCon volunteers could give you a peek behind the curtain of how put on the con. So, over the next 7 months, you will see the occasional post that gives you the inside scoop on putting on a game con. Maybe, it will inspire you to organize your own con. (Or, maybe it will talk you out of it!)

So, tell us what you think in the comments. Like it? Hate it? Got some WordPress tips of your own to share? Comment away!